Terms of Service

1 placing of order
A clearly formulated, written analysis order (see form) stating the type and scope of the desired services forms the basis for smooth execution.

2 cancellation
If an order is canceled, the work already done by the time it is received will be charged at the applicable rate.

3 methodology
The examinations are carried out according to officially recognized standard methods. Wherever these are lacking, Labor Veritas AG uses self-developed processes that correspond to the current state of science and technology. As an accredited testing laboratory with Swissmedic approval, Labor Veritas AG strictly complies with the ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 standard or with procedures recognized by therapeutic products control.

4 tariffs
The prices listed in the catalog of services apply to individual analyzes. Price reductions for large sample series or standing orders are agreed with the client on a project-specific basis. In the case of additional methodological expenses * as well as urgent orders due to samples, surcharges will be charged. Services that are not listed in the catalog will be charged according to expenditure. We reserve the right to change prices due to the development of costs. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

5 delivery times
The processing time of the orders depends on their type and scope. The fastest possible completion is guaranteed. Unpredictable staff or equipment failures release Labor Veritas AG from compliance with the agreed delivery deadlines and rule out any claims for damages resulting therefrom. Labor Veritas AG does not do any fixed business.

6 Terms of Payment
Labor Veritas AG's invoices must be paid strictly net within 30 days of the invoice date.

7 Sample and data retention
The remains of non-perishable samples are stored for at least two months. Test results are kept for at least 5 years.

8 Subcontracting
Labor Veritas AG can call in external experts or other laboratories if necessary and while maintaining the due diligence stipulated in the QM system.

9 Confidentiality
Labor Veritas AG undertakes to treat all data and information that become known about the client and his products in the course of order processing as strictly confidential and to keep them secret from third parties. The test results are only communicated to the client or the partner named in the order. The passing on of information is only permitted when it is required by the proper execution of the order in accordance with the instructions. Any specialists or laboratories involved must also undertake to maintain confidentiality.

10 liability
Labor Veritas AG is not liable for damage caused by slight or moderate negligence. In addition, Labor Veritas AG is not liable for pure financial losses such as production downtimes, costs of production line retrofitting, wrong investments, useless projects or lost profits.

11 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
For all disputes arising from this contract, the contracting parties agree that the courts in Zurich have jurisdiction. The parties declare that Swiss law is applicable.

* e.g. B. special sample preparation, increased effort due to heavy load on the samples, additional safeguards

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