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pricing policy

In this service catalog you will find the prices for individual microbiological, molecular biological and chemical analyzes. We are ready to offer you discounts on the service catalog or flat rates depending on the order volume, sample series or administrative simplifications. Framework and service contracts are available for permanent and regular hygiene monitoring orders. In this we define the conditions and the range of services after mutual agreement – with the advantage that both contracting parties can optimize the planning. For analysis orders, an additional flat rate is charged (currently CHF 18.70). This flat rate covers part of the costs incurred for quality management in the analytical area. Billing takes place per order and not per sample. The flat rate order does not apply to service and framework contracts. In cases where special sample treatments or other expenses are required (e.g. translation of test reports), surcharges may be charged. Rush orders ("immediately", "as quickly as possible" and other short-term appointments) lead to extraordinary expenses, which are compensated with an express surcharge of up to 50%. Surcharges for operations on Sundays and public holidays and at night (8 p.m. to 6 a.m.) amount to 50 and 25%, respectively. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Value added tax does not apply to clients from abroad.

Further prices or calculation bases

Use of analysts in projects (including equipment) CHF 280 .– / h
Consulting (industry) detached from analysis orders CHF 200 / hour
Consulting (gastronomy) independent of analysis orders CHF 150 / hour
Hygiene checks on site CHF 150 / hour
Sampling on site CHF 120 .– / h
travel times CHF 100 / hour
car allowance CHF 0.85 / km
Shipping box (rental, shipping and sampling material) [Info3] CHF 25 .– / box
more expenses at cost
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