Our test report format is colorful and, more importantly, contains a lot of information. These include B. the information on measurement uncertainty and conformity, if available. Discover the various elements with our exemplary interactive test report.


No illustration of the samples. Any images of samples as an attachment to the test report if required.

Color loosening of the test report as well as an additional element to make report manipulation more difficult.

Title test report and test report number

Clear referencing of the test report. Test report number is always required for questions or correspondence about test reports.


Summary description of the examinations recorded in the test report.

Customer Name

Incl. Corner and contact details (contact person to whom Labor Veritas communication is directed).


"Sampling by client" if the customer carries out the sampling himself or no information is available.

In the case of sampling by Labor Veritas: Indication of the responsible Employee and the sampling date.

Number of samples

Receipt of samples

Date on which the sample arrived at Labor Veritas; Specification of a time window if the samples for the order arrive spread over several days.

Order processing

Day or time frame on which the laboratory activities were carried out.

Report date

Issue date for the test report, usually same day delivery by email.

Accreditation mark of the accreditation body SAS

Formal recognition of technical and organizational competence.

STS 0524 = official accreditation number of Labor Veritas AG

Link SAS


If desired, samples are based on the applicable limits, e.g. B. from regulations or based on customer specifications (see color codes used in the legend).


Always the currently valid version, unless otherwise noted.


Referencing the method used.

In the case of self-developed methods: Specification of the measuring principle (e.g. LC-MS / MS) or the internal work specification (e.g. AP0_SAV_XXX).

Blue = no limit

The results marked in blue cannot be evaluated because there are no limits.

Sample information

z. B. Condition when the sample is received

Measurement uncertainty

Indication in absolute numbers, if known; same unit as result and limit.

Consideration according to Decision rule for conformity assessments.

If known, the limit of detection (NG) and limit of quantification (LOQ) are given in the same units as the result. The NG denotes the value of a measurement method up to which the analysis parameter can just be detected (if the measurement result is lower, it is indicated with "nn". The determination limit (BG) is the smallest concentration of an analyte that can be quantified with a specified precision Quantitative analysis results are only given above the BG. If the result is between NG and BG, the result is given as less (<) the value of the BG.

Parameter groups

All parameter groups are separated from one another by titles.


Non-compliant results are marked in red.

No rating

Blue marking if:

  • no evaluation basis available
  • no parameter with limit available
  • Customer does not want a rating

QR codes: Scan & Go

Link to the contact persons with all key data as well as a link to the catalog of services.

Comments on samples

All comments are always listed directly after the parameters.


Abbreviations used with the units explained above the legend.

Accreditation / GMP status and subcontracting

marked with * or ** under method.

Color codes

Explanation of the colors used for the conformity assessment.

Result pending

Black mark for missing evaluation.

Comment on the entire order

at the end of the test report, relates to the entire order.


International Laboratory Accred. Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement – only valid in combination with the SAS-STS stamp. ILAC-MRA = Agreement for the mutual recognition of accredited services, cornerstone of the international accreditation system; international recognition of the certificate or report.