Labor Veritas AG offers chemical, physical and microbiological analyzes as well as consulting services.

The analytical activities are primarily to be found in the areas of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, water and the environment. If the feasibility analysis is successful, the problems accepted for processing can go beyond the areas mentioned (e.g. analysis of packaging material). The standard offer is published in a service catalog.

Consulting services include monitoring activities, hygiene training, development of examination methods, validations, coaching for the introduction of management systems (quality, food safety, occupational safety and health protection, environment), audits, food law, troubleshooting, support for creating sampling plans, support for conformity tests, Mediation or organization of networking platforms as well as mediation talks etc.

Independence, impartiality and confidentiality

Labor Veritas AG is an independent joint-stock company with a majority ownership of senior employees who want to run an independent company in the long term.

Statements and decisions are made on the basis of analytical facts or the most objective possible assessment of the relevant basics or facts; there will be no favors or
-Experts carried out. In the event of insurmountable conflicts of interest or unfair intentions on the part of the client, Labor Veritas AG will either withdraw or refuse the order.

The information associated with orders is generally treated confidentially and is only exchanged with the client or agency without instructions to the contrary.

management system

Labor Veritas AG maintains an integrated management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and at the same time covers the requirements of ISO 17025 and the PIC-GMP guidelines for the analytical activities. The system serves as a management tool and ensures the quality of service. The system conformity of the processes and the fulfillment of requirements are regularly checked by authorized and independent third parties (certification and accreditation).

Subcontractors must meet comparable requirements or provide credible evidence of their competence.


Labor Veritas AG only uses qualified employees who are familiar with the required testing and calibration activities or the subject discussed and with the quality documentation to process the entrusted orders.

When hiring new employees, attention is paid to a balanced mix of age and gender and a diversification of professional experience suitable for the further development of the company. There is great interest in training employees to strengthen the team's advisory skills and / or analytical know-how – Labor Veritas AG should be perceived as a versatile and solution-oriented service company.

Labor Veritas AG is a fair employer who pays regardless of gender, allows flexible working models where possible and is constantly committed to occupational health and safety issues.


Labor Veritas AG is committed to good professional practice and to a quality appropriate to the problem.

A suitable infrastructure is provided for the analytical tests, and recognized or comparable suitable methods are used, laid down in writing as so-called standard working regulations. The methods are secured by regular participation in ring analyzes and comparative measurements with competent laboratories. In the case of analytical uncertainties that go beyond the usual measurement uncertainty, a careful assessment must be made of the extent to which customers are affected. In the event of relevant effects or uncertainties in the assessment, Labor Veritas AG contacts the customer and discusses the further procedure.

The advisory staff are calibrated to ensure the correct application of normative and legal bases through internal and external further training measures.

customer relationship

Labor Veritas AG maintains a fair partnership with customers in compliance with the impartiality and confidentiality rules, which requires honesty (Veritas – nomen est omen!) And transparent communication.

Labor Veritas AG does everything it can to meet customer expectations for the proper and timely fulfillment of orders at a reasonable price-performance ratio. If the information situation permits, orders regarding customer benefits are critically examined and, if necessary, discussed with the customer before order processing.

Returning customers with obviously urgent problems are given priority if possible.


Labor Veritas AG undertakes to comply with applicable law both in-house and as a consulting service provider in its spirit and spirit.

For the conformity assessment, external specialists are consulted on a case-by-case basis and / or team members are trained in legal areas relevant to Labor Veritas AG.


Labor Veritas AG works in the internal organization as well as a consulting service provider for a sustainable use of the environment. Ecological considerations and actions are woven into the decision-making processes and the planning of day-to-day business and placed in front of short-term business profit maximization.

Continuous improvement

Labor Veritas AG initiates appropriate and sustainable corrective measures if non-conformities or potential for improvement are identified. The principle of continuous improvement is applied to all processes or to the entire company.

As of February 01, 2020

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