BGLG drinks


René Eisenring

dipl. Lm-Ing. ETH, Dr. sc. techn.


+41 44 283 29 31
+41 79 636 91 65

r.eisenring [at] laborveritas [dot] ch

Jürg Eisenring

Kaufmann, Marketingplaner

Leiter Administration/Finanzen/interner Support

+41 44 283 29 92
+41 79 708 44 68

j.eisenring [at] laborveritas [dot] ch

Beverage company group solution

Labor Veritas AG operates the coordination center for occupational health and safety for the beverage company group solution (No. G4).
You are in an information area to which only members of the beverage company group solution have access.

If you have any questions, please contact René Eisenring, Jürg Eisenring.
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