Water quality

Peter Kleinert

dipl. Umwelt-Natw. ETH


+41 44 283 29 99
+41 79 263 03 82


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Oleg Altergott

M.Sc. Water Science

Prüfleiter Chemie

+41 44 283 29 36


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How often do you hear analysts say that our drinking water is the best controlled food? But when suddenly pollutants such as B. chlorothalonil metabolites are found, it is not uncommon to argue that this is only due to the constantly improving instrumental analysis. It is true that the analytical possibilities continue to develop. But to classify new findings as irrelevant because of this is a dangerous train of thought, because you could miss opportunities for timely intervention.

Water is predestined to hit the headlines (see e.g. NZZ on Sunday, July 12th, 2020) because it is classified as an important basis for life by informed circles as particularly worthy of protection and the need for action is recognized. If you suspect a need for action in connection with water, the Labor Veritas team can support you with its many years of experience in water analysis. Your contacts are Peter Kleinert and Oleg Altergott.