Analysis order


The written assignment is the easiest way to avoid misunderstandings. You are free to use an ordinary accompanying letter or your own template as an analysis order instead of our templates. Remember to mark the samples legibly and clearly. Please use the same terms in the order.

Unless otherwise agreed, you will receive the test report by email. If you have special requests for the transmission of the test report, please let us know in the order. This also applies in the event that the billing address and report address do not match.

If, despite all the precautions, there are still uncertainties, we will get in touch with the contact person whom you, ideally, include in the order, including telephone number.

Please send the analysis order together with the samples.
Thank you very much!

Analysis order – template for handwritten orders (PDF)
Analysis order – template to fill out and print out (DOC)

Send parcels and shipping boxes directly to the domicile address.

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