Abbreviations / symbols


It's one of those things with the abbreviations in the test reports: Kst for short rods is not really self-explanatory in the case of the English term small rod-shaped bacteria. Nevertheless, in order to avoid confusion in the process of order processing, we use the abbreviations based on German-language terms, at least for the time being, also in reports in other languages. Below you will find a tabular overview of the abbreviations and symbols used in our test reports.

German English Français Italiano
< less than less than moins de meno di
> greater than more than plus de più di
A. Thawing date thawing date date de decongélation data di scongelamento
THERE Direct approach direct plating frottis direct striscio diretto
Dk Diplococci diplococci diplocoques diplococci
E. Freeze Date freezing date date de congélation data di congelamento
GW limit limit value valeur limit valore limit
H manufacturing date date of manufacture date de fabrication data di fabbricazione
Yeast Yeast yeast levures lievito
HW Maximum value highest value valeur la plus élevée valore più alto
K Cocci cocci coques cocci
CFU colony-forming
colony forming unit unité formant colonie unità formanti colonia
Kst Short sticks small rod-shaped bacteria bâtonnets courts bastoncelli corti
Lst Long sticks long rod-shaped bacteria bâtonnets longs batsoncelli lunghi
MF Membrane filtration membrane filtration filtration on membrane filtrazione a membrana
Best before Best before date
best before date date de durabilité minimal durata minima di conservazione
Mia. Billions billions billion miliardi
Million millions millions millions milioni
RW Guideline reference value value of reference valore di riferimento
Sch Mould molds moisissure muffa
T Temperature at sampling temperature during sampling temperature pendant l'échantillonnage temperature durante il campionamento
T (E) Temperature at sample input temperature at sample receipt temperature à la reception de l'échantillon temperature al ricevimento del campione
V Use-by date use by date date limit de consommation data di scadenza
Z Time of sampling sampling time heure de l'échantillonage tempo di campionamento